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Having plumbing problems is more or less a natural occurrence. Yet, not knowing who to call once you happen to be facing these problems is where things can go downhill. At Paterson Plumbing here in Gold Coast we want to be your go-to plumbing company for any type of issues that you may be facing. From blocked toilets and drains to major leaks, you can always count on us, to arrive on the scene and solve the problem in a short amount of time.

About Us

We are a company that has been offering plumbing services to this area for quite some time now. This has allowed us to see first hand what some of the more common issues are with plumbing fixtures around here. We know how these plumbing systems are set up. Having that knowledge ahead of time is going to allow us to provide quicker and more effective repairs for virtually any type of problem. If you want to have people working in your plumbing system that know exactly what they are doing we are the guys that you are going to want to work with!

Our Services

There are a couple of services that we offer which we have already given away if you will. If you have an issue with blocked toilets, blocked drain lines, any type of leak go ahead and give us a call or contact us! If you are facing any type of emergency usually with a leak or backflow issues be sure to make that call to us as soon as you can. This is going to allow us to get set up and head your way quickly. To be able to offer a solution to your current dilemma in a short amount of time!

What Our Clients Say

A blocked toilet turned into one of the worst scenes of my entire life. I never want to see something like that again! That’s why whenever I have a plumbing issue I just call Peterson Plumbing Gold Coast!

Stewart E.

I thought I had a small leak issue, but I still went out and did what I had to do. Once I got back the problem had escalated to new heights. Having a wet home is no fun at all! Good thing I called Peterson Plumbing Gold Coast. They solved the problem rather quickly.

Amy M.

A word of advice older equipment tends to fail a lot more often. I didn’t want to deal with any plumbing troubles. So I had Peterson Plumbing Gold Coast renovate all of my interior plumbing. It was a great investment.

Richard G.

Emergency Plumbing

As we’ve just mentioned our emergency plumbing services are meant to be able to provide help on short notice to be able to solve all sorts of issues. Many times what we are going to do is, stop the leak as our step one. Once we have done that we can then evaluate the situation and provide a long term fix to the problem. With leaks and backflow, one of the most important things is to make sure that we are able to stop them in their tracks because water damage can bring forth even more problems. That is why it’s important to stop these problems from developing any further.

Hot Water Repair

Are you having trouble getting hot water to run through your water supply? Cold showers are not something that you have to deal with. There are many reasons, as to why you may be facing this problem. Most of them are going to have to do with some form of water heater failure. Whatever the case may be we are going to be able to come in, assess the damage, and offer up a solution. Ideally, we are going to be able to do this as quickly as we would with our emergency services.

Blocked Drains

Usually blocked drains are caused by lack of maintenance or improper use over time. Combined with older drains that just won’t be able to overpower some of the issues that can come about. It’s important to be able to spot some of the issues that indicate that you may have a problem before you end up with a drain system that just does not work at all! Whether you think that you have a problem or you are 100% sure of it, you can give us a call and we can help you solve any type of blocked drain issue!

Blocked Toilet

Usually blocked drains and blocked toilets go hand and hand. There are many horror stories about people trying to unblock the toilet on their own. Only to have all of the dirty water start flowing all over their homes! This is certainly not something that we want to see you deal with. If you feel that you are just incapable of fixing the problem on your own give us a call!

Leak Repair

We’ve seen quite a few instances where people outright disregard a small leak and just essentially live with it! That’s just asking for more trouble down the road. If you have even a small leak issue it is a good idea to get someone on it as quickly as possible. Remember that small issues can develop into very large ones after only a short amount of time!

Bathroom Renovations

You should not have any type of reservations while walking into your bathroom! Your bathroom should really be a place that you can relax and feel comfortable in. That is pretty much what we want to achieve with our bathroom renovation services. We want to offer you a way to redo your bathroom and really feel comfortable while using it. It’s that simple really!

Contact Us Today

Throughout the page, we have urged you to give us a call or contact us a couple of times already. We believe that doing so one more time won’t hurt! Give us a call or contact us if you need help with any of the issues that are described above or any type of plumbing situation that you may need help with. Give us a call, describe your problem to us and we’ll head over to your location and get you helped out!

About Us

We are a company that has been offering plumbing services to the Gold Coast area for quite some time. This has allowed us to build essentially a knowledge base. With information from all around the area.

Our Location

Address: 8 Smith Street, Southport, Queensland, Australia