Bathroom Renovations

Throughout the site, we’ve talked about how older equipment is going to be one of the main causes of overall malfunctions.

More often than not it’s a good idea to upgrade certain equipment when it starts reaching a particular age. When they do malfunctions are going to become more common. Getting a full replacement in time can actually be less costly over time than recurring repairs to all of your systems. Here are some of the things that we are going to be able to help you renovate. To ensure that you actually feel comfortable within your own bathroom. Not doing so can really be a problem!

How Long Should My Bathroom Fixtures Last?

For the most part, companies that sell toilets, sinks and other bathroom fixtures are going to tell you that the equipment should last around 50 years. Way before 50 years though the equipment can start showing its age and become more prone to breaking down. Lack of maintenance is one of those things that can contribute to minimizing the lifespan of this equipment. For example, if you bought a home that was essentially empty for a year or so, even if it had newer equipment there is a chance that you are going to have more problems.

Water Supply Lines & Drain Lines

Even if you have a newer toilet or shower or whatever if your water supply line is old that can still cause problems. One of the things that we excel at is inspecting your whole system. From the water supply and where that is actually coming from, to your drain lines, and where your wastes are going. Many times it’s not going to be enough with just replacing your sinks and faucets. Remember it’s a whole system and we need virtually everything to work properly.

Shower Updates

Are you tired of having to take a shower with that small drop of water that falls from your shower head? There are a number of things that can actually be causing this. The problem could be that the water pressure that is reaching your shower is not at ideal levels. Another issue that we see is that the showerhead itself is just full of deposits that are blocking the flow of the water. If you have this type of issue be quick to make a call to us. We will be heading your way shortly. To be able to offer a wide array of solutions for you!

Fully System Check-Up

Do you feel like you could potentially need to update multiple fixtures within your bathroom, yet you don’t know where to start? If that is the case what we can do is check your entire bathroom, all of the water supply and drain connections as well as toilets, showers, and everything in-between. To let you know where different fixtures within your bathroom currently stand. Once we do that we are going to offer up our assessment and let you decide what should be done next!

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