Blocked Toilet

The biggest challenge that we see people having with blocked toilets is knowing when to give us a call or when they can handle things on their own.

The problem is that there is usually a fine line between the two. Either you are going to be able to pump the toilet and get things cleared or you are going to try and pump the toilet only to end up with a major backflow issue. Usually, if it’s a one-time thing it can be something that you can fix rather quickly. If this is a recurring problem it’s usually a drain issue that you are probably going to want to have looked at.

Older Equipment Tends To Have More Problems

Quick question, when was the last time that you had your toilets updated? If the actual toilet was updating was there anything done to the drain line of the water supply line? For many people, it has been decades since they have updated their toilets. The fact is, with older equipment it’s way more likely that you are going to start seeing more and more issues developing. There are really not many things that can be done, other than updating the equipment.

Slow Flushing Toilet

One of the things that is important in order to make sure that a toilet won’t get blocked is that there is enough water pressure flowing through and pushing wastes down the drain. Some installations naturally will flush with less than the ideal force if you will. If you see this there are a couple of things that can be plaguing your system. Ideally, you’ll give us a call even before you actually have a blocked toilet. Prevention is always going to be better than repairs without a doubt.

Is It Normal For A Toilet To Get Blocked Often?

Without a doubt, this is one of the hardest things for people to determine. If you realize that the amount of waste that was put in the toilet caused sort of a “natural” blockage of the toilet, would you need to give us a call? That would really depend on what happened afterward. Were you able to unblock yourself? If not the answer is pretty obvious. Usually, “healthy” toilets are not supposed to get blocked up constantly. Therefore, if this is something that is constantly happening you should give us a call. If you need more water pressure to be able to allow the toilet to flush easier then, we can also help you with that!

Clean Up Help

Sometimes these situations can lead to a bit of a mess. Of course, it is not exactly great to have a bathroom floor filled with dirty water. If while performing one of these services things get a bit out of hand with water flow we are going to be able to help you clean the area before we leave. Don’t think that we are going to just leave it there and have you deal with it!

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